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I'm a self taught photo and video nerd. Almost everything I know comes from experimenting with cameras, settings, lighting, equipment and lots of YouTube videos. I'd actually say that YouTube is far and away the biggest influence on my photography and style. I did also take an analog photography class in high school as well college as electives, but by that time I knew my way around a camera fairly well. Mostly, those classes gave me a huge appreciation for how far photography has come, and how accessible great photography is today.

But my interest in photography for me started when I was much younger...I would take photos for friends and family and they'd kinda scratch their heads and tell me that it looks better than what they would take with that camera...I would kinda shrug, not knowing why. But now looking back on it, I think I just had a natural eye for the composition of a photo, which I think is of the hardest things to teach about photography and videography. We can talk all day about settings, exposure, lighting, tech specs –– but at the end of the day, I think composition is what sets good photos apart from great photos. 

After constantly borrowing my parents' camera when I was younger, they gifted me my own point and shoot digital camera –– the 12.1 megapixel beast that was the Sony Cybershot...I still have it as kind of a reminder where I started! From there it was a Nikon D40, Canon 7D, then a Canon 80D.

When I first broke into the DSLR world, I'd definitely have described myself as a Canon fanboy –– but since, I've become more agnostic to the camera I use for professional work. It's more about picking the right tool for the job! No reason to limit yourself to one brand, especially with the rise of super affordable rental houses.

But if you're curious what's in my arsenal: for 35mm film work I have an old Minolta XG1, a Nikon N6006, and for digital work I've worked with extensively with the Sony A7 line, the A6400, Z Cam E2, and even the RED Scarlet...but you know what they say: the best camera you have is the one you have with you ;)

Today I work on a project-basis at 21 Handshake as a Creative Manager, in charge of photo and video content we create for ourselves and our clients (and that's why I call this page my "visual content journey" –– I do a lot of videography work as well. I've produced over 350 videos over the last couple years...ads, brand stories, product videos, documentaries...you name it.), so this little site I've put together is a fun side hustle/gig/project for me –– and in this crazy, fast moving, digital content creation world, I'm excited to share some physical work. I think we've become truly desensitized to good photography because of how easy it is to come by these days...just flick through a few Instagram pages...you guys know what I mean. Hell –– even the device in your pocket has become an incredible photographic tool! Especially with the younger generation, actually buying unique art from an artist of any kind is increasingly rare, since so much great content is available for free. I'm lucky that I don't rely on this site to make a living, but I can assure you that anything I do make from this store will just be reinvested in my betterment as a visual content creator. So with that being said, if you purchase a print from this site (or support any other site or artist), I thank you :) 


If you'd like to get in contact with me, arvizulis@gmail.com is the best way to get at me. 

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